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  • Fira Sans Two
  • Fira Sans Two Italic
  • Fira Sans Four
  • Fira Sans Four Italic
  • Fira Sans Eight
  • Fira Sans Eight Italic
  • Fira Sans Hair
  • Fira Sans Hair Italic
  • Fira Sans Thin
  • Fira Sans Thin Italic
  • Fira Sans UltraLight
  • Fira Sans UltraLight Italic
  • Fira Sans ExtraLight
  • Fira Sans ExtraLight Italic
  • Fira Sans Light
  • Fira Sans Light Italic
  • Fira Sans Book
  • Fira Sans Book Italic
  • Fira Sans Regular
  • Fira Sans Italic
  • Fira Sans Medium
  • Fira Sans Medium Italic
  • Fira Sans SemiBold
  • Fira Sans SemiBold Italic
  • Fira Sans Bold
  • Fira Sans Bold Italic
  • Fira Sans ExtraBold
  • Fira Sans ExtraBold Italic
  • Fira Sans Heavy
  • Fira Sans Heavy Italic
  • Fira Sans Ultra
  • Fira Sans Ultra Italic

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  • Fira Sans Compressed Two
  • Fira Sans Compressed Two Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Four
  • Fira Sans Compressed Four Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Eight
  • Fira Sans Compressed Eight Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Hair
  • Fira Sans Compressed Hair Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Thin
  • Fira Sans Compressed Thin Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed UltraLight
  • Fira Sans Compressed UltraLight Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed ExtraLight
  • Fira Sans Compressed ExtraLight Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Light
  • Fira Sans Compressed Light Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Book
  • Fira Sans Compressed Book Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Regular
  • Fira Sans Compressed Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Medium
  • Fira Sans Compressed Medium Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed SemiBold
  • Fira Sans Compressed SemiBold Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Bold
  • Fira Sans Compressed Bold Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed ExtraBold
  • Fira Sans Compressed ExtraBold Italic
  • Fira Sans Compressed Heavy
  • Fira Sans Compressed Heavy Italic

select weight

  • Fira Sans Condensed Two
  • Fira Sans Condensed Two Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Four
  • Fira Sans Condensed Four Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Eight
  • Fira Sans Condensed Eight Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Hair
  • Fira Sans Condensed Hair Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Thin
  • Fira Sans Condensed Thin Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed UltraLight
  • Fira Sans Condensed UltraLight Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed ExtraLight
  • Fira Sans Condensed ExtraLight Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Light
  • Fira Sans Condensed Light Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Book
  • Fira Sans Condensed Book Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Regular
  • Fira Sans Condensed Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Medium
  • Fira Sans Condensed Medium Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed SemiBold
  • Fira Sans Condensed SemiBold Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Bold
  • Fira Sans Condensed Bold Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed ExtraBold
  • Fira Sans Condensed ExtraBold Italic
  • Fira Sans Condensed Heavy
  • Fira Sans Condensed Heavy Italic


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Fira Sans

Independent Type Family, Free to Use

Latest Version: 4.3

Plenty of Localised Features

Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Hungarian

Final version of Fira Sans!

Development will continue with FiraGO

! Спасибо ! Danke ! Dziękuję ! Σας ευχαριστώ ! Kiitos ! Obrigado ! Teşekkürler ! Salamat ! Mudo !

Thank you

Most Abundant Wild Member

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Κόκκινη αλεπού

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Лисицата, наричана още и червена лисица е най-често срещаният вид лисици. Тя има най-широк ареал от всички сухоземни хищници.

Líška hrdzavá

Fira Sans

Large Free Font Family

Version: Sans 4.301 / Mono 3.206

Fira is licenced under OFL (Open Font Licence)

The story of Fira Sans began in 2012 in close cooperation with Erik Spiekermann. Fira is the little sister of “Meta” – Erik’s famous and well-known typeface family. Originally designed as a system typeface for the Mozilla OS, Fira has developed towards a large and standalone Open Font project.

After Mozilla withdrew from the project, we integrated small bug fixes and several requests for the 4.3 release. Additionally, Fira now offers localised features for Hungarian, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian. Especially the locl BGR, which was designed in cooperation with Bulgarian type designers Botio Nikoltchev and Vassil Kateliev, is a real treat. Have a look at the Fira Site.

This version of Fira Sans will be the final one apart from possible bug fixes. We will continue working on Fira but future developments will be based on FiraGO. Ideas and funding are always welcome!

Last but not least, thank you to the whole community who helped improving Fira via Mail and GitHub. Keep it up!

Große Free Font Familie

Version: Sans 4.301 / Mono 3.206

Fira unterliegt der OFL (Open Font Licence)

Die Geschichte der Fira begann 2012 in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Erik Spiekermann. Fira ist die kleine Schwester der „Meta“ – Eriks berühmter und weltweit bekannter Schrift. Ursprünglich konzipiert als Systemschrift für das Firefox OS, ist Fira zu einem großen und eigenständigen Open Font Projekt gereift.

Nach dem Ausstieg Mozillas haben wir für das 4.3 Release viele kleinere Fixes und Verbesserungen eingebaut. Außerdem sind nun localised Features für Ungarisch, Serbisch, Mazedonisch sowie Bulgarisch vorhanden. Vor allem das locl BGR, das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem bulgarischen Type Designern Botio Nikoltchev und Vassil Kateliev entstand, hat es in sich. Details dazu auf der Fira-Seite.

Diese Version wird bis auf ggf. aufkommende Bug Fixes die letzte Version der Fira Sans sein. Wir arbeiten natürlich weiter an der Fira Story. Künftige Weiterentwicklungen werden auf Basis der FiraGO vorangetrieben. Ideen und Funding sind immer willkommen!

Nicht zuletzt: Danke an die gesamte Community, die per Mail und auf GitHub hilft, Fira immer wieder ein Stückchen besser zu machen. Weiter so!

2012 – today by Team @ Carrois’

16 weights

 | 3 widths

Language Support:








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Fira Sans

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