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Mum’s Handwriting

↘ Write letters and personal notes ↙


½ tsp sugar, ¾ l milk

[email protected]


Plenty of ligatures for a natural look

Leave a message for Mamotschka

Hi mum. I had to hurry today to catch the bus. I was quite exhausted when I finally reached it. Will you actually read this? Wow, mother’s love is an astonishing phenomenon. Anyway, thanks for being my mum for decades now. I really love you. That’s enough now, let’s talk on the phone.

I couldn’t reach you. Where are you? Maybe you’re working, or having a nap? Could you possibly give me the recipe of aunt Mae’s famous pumpkin pie? I thought about baking it for Christmas. I’m sure it has to be somewhere ... Just let me know when you read this and call me back. Thanks!


Please Write Me a Letter, Mum.

The number of people who have beautiful or remarkable handwriting is decreasing. That’s why it’s interesting for a type designer to digitise and conserve existing handwriting.

Mamotschka is a very personal project. Anja always liked her mother’s handwriting and with the casual digital interpretation Mamotschka now contains elements of mother and daughter. The shapes of Mamotschka’s letters simulate the different pressure applied when writing with a biro.

Mama, bitte schreib mir einen Brief.

Immer weniger Menschen haben eine schöne oder besondere Handschrift. Deshalb ist es für einen Type Designer interessant, bestehende Handschriften zu digitalisieren und somit auch ein Stück weit zu konservieren.

Mamotschka ist zudem ein sehr persönliches Projekt. Die Handschrift ihrer Mama gefiel Anja schon immer und mit der recht freien digitalen Interpretation beinhaltet Mamotschka nun Elemente von Mama und Tochter. Die offenen Stellen und nicht geschlossenen Bögen orientieren sich an der unterschiedlich starken Druckausübung des Kugelschreibers auf dem Papier.

2017 by Anja Meiners

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