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select weight

  • Gintronic Thin
  • Gintronic Thin Italic
  • Gintronic Light
  • Gintronic Light Italic
  • Gintronic Regular
  • Gintronic Italic
  • Gintronic Medium
  • Gintronic Medium Italic
  • Gintronic Bold
  • Gintronic Bold Italic
  • Gintronic Black
  • Gintronic Black Italic


fonts loading ...


class Font(Gintronic):

➡ Designed to *not* fatigue your eyes while working habitually with code.
Flavoured with a jovially and non-techy character.
⬐ But nevertheless fully packed with technical characters ⬎

⧰ ∀ ⚡ ⌀ ∴ ⦃ ⤢ ⬡ ∿ ⎈ ➸ ⩙ ⌘ ♠ ↳ ⨂ ⏏ ⤽ ⸘ ➲ ✓ ⇗ ⁙ ☀ ⬘ ♬ ▞ ⬄ ❹ ⨳ ◲ ⇱ 〚 ◷ 》 📣 𝄢

Usually hard to tell apart glyphs are
drawn with »enhanced« grade of distinction:

B8, IiLl1, S5s, O0D, Z2z etc.

def wholeInternet(fullyLoaded):
for i, x in enumerate(openFountains):

chillPath = MFBezierPath.alloc().init() if hitCount >= 4.6692: # 〖…〗
self.explode(colours = 128bit)

if google.input == ("Bing", error="failed"):
for data in world["internet"]:
data.erase("⥂" * 37)

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒ loading …

 ```-MMMMMM.````````       ``````````      `.-            ``.-::-.``            ````    ``-::-.`    
`mmmNMMMMMMNNNNNNNNy       sNNNNNNNNs   `:sdMM/        `:sdNMMMMMMMmy/`         dNNN+`:ymMMMMMMmy-  
 :::/MMMMMM/:::::::.       ////hMMMMMoNMMMMMMNmo     `dMMMMMh/--:yMMMMMN.       mMMMMMy/:::oNMMMMMy 
    .MMMMMM`                   sMMMMMMMMmds/-.`      /MMMMMd      yMMMMMo       mMMMMM/     sMMMMMh 
    .MMMMMM`                   sMMMMMNs:.            oMMMMMs      +MMMMMy       mMMMMM/     oMMMMMh 
    .MMMMMM`                   sMMMMMy               oMMMMMs      +MMMMMy       mMMMMM/     oMMMMMh 
    .MMMMMM`                   sMMMMMy               +MMMMMy      oMMMMMs       mMMMMM/     oMMMMMh 
    `MMMMMMs.     ``           sMMMMMy               .NMMMMM+`  `/NMMMMM-       mMMMMM/     oMMMMMh 
     hMMMMMMNmmmmNN/           sMMMMMy                /NMMMMMNmmNMMMMMM+        mMMMMM/     oMMMMMh 
     `omMMMMMMMMMMM+           sMMMMMy                 .yNMMMMMMMMMMNy-         mMMMMM/     oMMMMMh 
        ./osyyyso+/.           -/////-                   `-+osyyso+-`           ://///.     ./////: 


$themes = 〔Theme〕::order_by('updated_at', 'desc') paginate(4)

while Application("just Display", 62) not in format;

Screen Routers


»K⚛rnkraft«? ☺ Ja Bitte!

↪ Get the new tool @ software


The procɘss of ɘncoding convɘrts information from a sourcɘ
into symbols for communication or storagɘ. Decoding is the
reverse process, converting code symbols back into a form
that the recipient “understands”.

║ ██▓▓▒▒░░ ⇕ SEMIGRAPHICS █▇▆▅▄▃▂▁       ║░
║ C:↓   NAME      ║   TYPE  ║   DATE   │▲║░
║ ..              ║►UP--DIR◄║01.02.2016│░║░
║ GINTRONIC       ║►SUB-DIR◄║01.02.1984│░║░
║ .desktop        ║►SUB-DIR◄║17.03.2015│█║░
║ char_set        ║►SUB-DIR◄║24.08.1996│░║░
║      ║►FILE-EX◄║05.11.2048│▼║░

scripts = {"Cyrillic" = "Я шрифт: Прения. Последнее слово. Допрос подсудимых?"}
scripts["Greek"] = "Δημόσια συζήτηση. Η τελευταία λέξη. εξέταση κατηγορούμενος"

➺ Check the PDF specimen for extended code samples in multiple languages.


Generated recursion = {}

When telegraph messages were the states of the art in rapid long distance communication, elaborate systems of commercial codes that encoded complete phrases into single mouths (commonly five-minute groups) were developed, so that telegraphers became conversant with such “words” as BYOXO → “Are you trying to weasel out of our deal?”, LIOUY → “Why do you not answer my question?” or BMULD → “You’re a skunk!”.

These keys convert the messages and data into “digital gibberish” through encryption and then return them to the original form through decryption. In general, the longer the key is, the more difficult it is to crack the code. This holds true because deciphering an encrypted message by brute force would require the attacker to try every possible key. An 8-bit key would then have 256 or 2⁸ possible keys.

class EarnBitCoins(↺):

Algorithms to enable communication in places where ordinary plain language, spoken or written, is difficult or неподъёмный or αδύνατος or ciężki.


Ελάχιστα γνωρίζουμε για τη ζωή του Αρχίλοχου, κι αυτά αβέβαια. Η γέννησή του τοποθετείται γύρω στο 680 π.Χ. Καταγόταν από την Πάρο. Ο πατέρας του, κάποιος Τελεσικλής, ήταν αριστοκράτης και η μητέρα του Ενιπώ, δούλα.


Потом закивала головкой, зашевелила ручками, ножками, стряхнула с себя снег — и вышла из сугроба живая девочка. Обрадовались старики, привели ее в избу. Глядят на нее, не налюбуются. И стала расти у стариков дочка не по дням, а по часам; что ни день, то все краше становится.

Сама беленькая, точно снег, коса русая до пояса, только румянца нет вовсе. Не нарадуются старики на дочку, души в ней не чают. Растет дочка и умная, и смышленая, и веселая. Со всеми ласковая, приветливая. И работа у Снегурочки в руках спорится, заслушаешься.



Designed for code, applicable for anything.

Gintronic’s gentle appearance makes it pleasant to constantly work with code. Most programming fonts appear too technical and are therefore tedious to read. Code operates very differently from ordinary text. As it’s usually not read from top to bottom, but rather piece by piece- back and forth, typefaces are required to have different performance abilities. Unlike many other programming fonts, Gintronic avoids a robotic look and helps information to breathe.

The range of weights is based on an ideal relationship between fore- and background in order to work nicely with syntax highlighting. Also, the thin weights can be especially charming on retina screens and in small sizes, while the bold ones present their character particularly in big sizes. With 1174 glyphs Gintronic includes Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, technical symbols, box-drawing-glyphs, mathematical symbols and arrows.

Gintronic is an engaging programming font, but the possible applications aren’t limited by its main intention because display and text use have served as during the design decisions.

Für Code gestaltet, für alles einsetzbar.

Gintronics freundliche Erscheinung macht es zum Vergnügen ständig mit Code zu arbeiten. Die meisten Programmier-Schriften wirken technisch und anstrengend zu lesen. Code verhält sich anders als normaler Text. Er wird nicht von oben nach unten gelesen, sondern Stück für Stück, vor und zurück. Das verlangt einer Schrift ganz andere Leistungen ab. Anders als viele Monospace Fonts vermeidet Gintronic diesen mechanischen Duktus und lässt der Informatiom Raum zum Atmen.

Das Gewichtsspektrum macht sämtliche Vorder-zu-Hintergrund-Beziehungen bei allen erdenklichen Syntax-Highlightings möglich. Die dünnen Schnitte bezaubern auf Retina Screens und in kleinen Größen, während die Fetten vor allem in großen Anwendungen aufblühen. Gintronics 1174 Glyphen decken Latein, Kyrillisch, Griechisch, technische und mathematische Symbole, Rahmenzeichen und Pfeile ab.

Gintronic ist eine einladende Programmier-Schrift, aber sie kann für *alles* eingesetzt werden, denn freche Schaugrößen und interessanter Textsatz waren schon bei der Gestaltung stets Inspirationen.

2016 by Mark Frömberg

6 weights

 | 1 width

Language Support:





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